What is SEO?

Search engine optimization. Search engine is actually a software developed by Google. Its job is to screen around the all web and view its content. The website has content and Google wants to know what keyword to assign to it. For what keyword to display the website into organic search results. Its worthy to do SEO because results stays in long term. Source: The Google Search Central Blog

Why do you need SEO?

In order for your website to appear for a specific keyword in search results. To get new customers from the Internet in your business. The searcher will learn about you and can buy what you offer. Source: In-depth guide to how Google Search works

What do you get from Enjoy SEO consulting?

Suggestion for SEO architecture of your new website and application of an AIDA sales technique. More customers from Google. I will advise you how to get your website to the 1st place in Google search. I will reveal the practical aspects of the AIDA sales technique, by applying which you will get that the website will convince the visitor to buy your goods or services. All this through consulting and/or creation, text editing (called copywriting), website structure depending on the SEO – consulting service you order: Enjoy SEO consultation BASIC, Enjoy SEO consultation PREMIUM, Enjoy SEO consultation ALL INCLUSIVE.

1 hour consultation only in BASIC package. PREMIUM Enjoy SEO consultation is provided in the form of project management: which means: 1. I will ensure the selection of partial work suppliers (photographer, graphic designer, web designer, domain name supplier, web-hosting, Web- programmer) 2. I will lead the suppliers and supervise the delivery in the agreed and expected quality. I will ensure a negotiation in your interest.

Consultations can take place face to face within Slovakia or Czech republic or online via the Google Meet application. If you choose face to face, I usually suggest that the SEO consultation take place during lunch together in restaurant in/or near the place/city where you are located and where I visit you. Lunch would be on your expense.

Team meeting from bird view perspective

Knowledge confirmed by 15 years:

I started learning SEO in 2008 from the SEO-website programmer who made my first website. I managed of the website of cleaning service family company www.glanzkosice.sk Since then it has been on the first page of Google searches. Currently also in Google Maps:

Ilustration of Google search results with Glanzkosice website on top

In 2011, I worked in an online marketing agency in Prague, where I learned and trained the AIDA sales technique. I improved my knowledge about SEO, customer service, branding, graphic design. Since then, I have co-created and SEO-optimized several brands on the domestic and foreign markets. Since 2014, I have been running an online headhunting agency specializing in remote software positions called www.ITyard.eu which helped me to understand IT world and website creation itself. I gained experience from entrepreneurs during my working holiday which I spent in Great Britain, Denmark and Canada. All these together shaped my perception of business, customer service and branding. I can use and share these experiences together for you in creating your brand, website by applying SEO and AIDA know-how.

Price list:

Enjoy SEO consulting BASIC in English cost 499, -€ (50% payment in advance), after receiving the 1st part of payment we will arrange a date for online consultation through Google meet. It contains 1 hour consultation. Instructions and a written manual how a website can get to the first place/first page on Google search and how the content of the website motivates the visitor to buy, which is called conversion…the website has 100% conversion if 10 visitors become 10 paying customers.)

If you need more than one hour, you can use the service

Enjoy SEO consulting PREMIUM in English cost 2.499, -€ payments divided over 5 weeks, advance payment once a week (5 installments) Contains: SEO consultation + project management which means 1.) I will select subcontractors (logo graphic designer, web designer, domain name supplier, web-hosting supplier, survey for copywriting supplier) 2.) I will guide the suppliers and supervise the delivery in the agreed and expected quality. I will ensure the negotiation in your interest. 3) proofreading and creation of meta tags: title, description, keywords, h1-h5 headings, incorporation of AIDA into website text, design of structure, subpages, alt attributes of images,

You pay these suppliers separately, my task is to select them and help with communication with them and lead (specifications and description of their tasks).

Enjoy SEO consulting ALL INCLUSIVE in English cost from 5.999, -€ depending on size of the website. It consist: Complete delivery of a turnkey website. It Covers project management, selection of suppliers and their salary.

How we can reach your SEO success?

If some actions are not performed by you, the result cannot be expected. You need to write the text on the website, I can edit it, modify it, give advice, guide it. After the initial guidance, you are the best able to name your business, services, goods. Write your story. A necessary step for successful cooperation will be conducting a survey of your customers or potential customers, the results of the survey will be applied in the text of the website. You can delegate the survey to someone else. It is an essential component of text creation. And quality text is an essential component of SEO and AIDA.

Team of people sitting around the table on a meeting.


By e-mail you can introduce me your ideas:

What do you want to present on the website? What service, what business?

Do you already have a website? If you already have, you are able to start creating a completely new one?

What keyword do you think is appropriate to link to your website?

Based on your preliminary information, I reply whether I can help you. If it seems real to achieve 1. to. 4. the position of your website in Google search results for a specific keyword. You will see the result approximately 3 months after the completion of all the work that was proposed in our SEO consultation.

Order by E-mail